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Kelley Meister

Title: Where Do We Go From Here?

Location: 615 Hennepin Avenue (City Center)

On display until: September 8, 2017

Where Do We Go From Here? explores the possibilities of what Minnesota and the Upper Mississippi River Valley will look like 150 years from now. All through the Mississippi River Valley, one can glimpse both the past and future at once. At the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, sacred Dakota sites such as Mni Owe Sni and Wita Tanka – Coldwater Springs and Pike Island, respectively – stand alongside the nearly two-century-old Fort Snelling and the contemporary landmark of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.


For Where Do We Go From Here?, I immersed myself in the landscape of the Mississippi River by gathering film footage of the its ever-changing waters. Using scientific research and historical analysis, I investigate how our landscape will change as the global temperature increases in response to rising atmospheric carbon levels, what species may become extinct and which may thrive, and what are the ramifications these changes may bring. It is undeniable that human impact, specifically that of Euro-American settlers, began to dramatically alter the landscape of Minnesota just over 150 years ago, through logging, dam-building, agrarian living, and so forth. When we look forward 150 years, what will our continued impact be?


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