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Treneyle Scheele

Title: The Future and It’s Deeper Than the Surface

Location: 730 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

A lot of people have different views on how they see the future and what the future holds. My interpretation of the future is the past if that makes any sense. Back in the day when a kingdom ruled and everyone was beneath them. That’s what I’m trying to show in the picture “The Future." I have the kingdom floating above a city showing that it is above the rest and has a strong power to the image.

Everyone loves to have a good time. Everyone wants to go to a place called paradise and enjoy themselves. In the picture “It’s Deeper Then The Surface” I showed an image of a very modernized city that some may call a paradise of some sort. What I wanted to capture with this image was that a lot of the behind the scenes things happened to make this “so called” paradise possible. Like people slaved for very little money an hour and live in poverty to provide for the rich and this another way that I look at the “future."