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Richard Yang

Title: We, the People

Location: 650 Nicollet Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

Recent headlines depict a bleak world that is becoming more and more divided economically, politically, and racially. Rather then dwell on the negativity, the commonalities of our humanity represented through the voices and lives of every day Minnesotans must remind us that we share more then we realize. Whether we were born here or adopted the Twin Cities as our home, I believe we ALL share many universal hopes and dreams for our future.                              

Similar to other metropolitan American cities, the Twin Cities were flooded by waves of Southeast Asians, Eastern Europeans, and Africans seeking refuge from war and persecution in more recent decades. These, in addition to our historic communities of Scandinavians, Germans, African Americans, Latin Americans, Dakota Sioux, Ojibwa, and East Asians however have created a uniquely incredible melting pot filled with rich histories, deeply rooted faiths, languages and backgrounds. And so rather the let our differences divide us, it must be inherent that we carry on a dialogue with our neighbors and unite behind the values that bind us together so that our homes, families, and communities continue to grow.  

In We, the People, I hope to document the vastness of our humanity through the narratives and images of these fellow Minnesotans as a means to inspire dialogue, break down societal constructs, and create change. All I asked of these people was, “What is your greatest and single most hope for the future?”