Plan Your Experience

Reggie LeFlore

Title: Forward Thinking

Location: 730 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

This is a self portrait containing a series of questions that are relatable to my thoughts on “What It Means To Be An Artist”. The painted words form simple yet complex questions that relate to my visual arts process and the direction I’m looking to steer my work toward.

The aim of this project is to help others understand a transformation I’m looking to take on within my future works; one that is conscious of the environments and the people that exist within them, especially in regards to the political, environmental, and cultural challenges we face today. 

In the past, I’ve simply ignored these challenges, and continued to create work that wasn’t engaging or inspirational - and before long, I noticed I was creating work that serviced a culture of consumers who could care less about the struggles of the oppressed in this country. After giving my visual arts process some serious thought, I decided to take a stand against the consumerist culture that’s apparent in the arts community, and switch to more personal, more thought provoking work. This piece is one of the results of that transition.

We all have different moments in our lives that set this way of forward thinking into motion, but for me, it started with all these questions. Take a look around to see how many questions you can identify with, and then challenge yourself to find your own