Plan Your Experience

Lucy Hawthorne

Title: The Future is Wild

Location: 80 South 8th Street

On display until: September 8, 2017

The natural world has always inspired my work, and I am drawn to the challenge of capturing images of landscapes and wildlife that reflect its beauty. I hope my photography transports viewers to these areas of wilderness, calm, serenity, intrigue, and reflection.

The title of this installation, "The Future is Wild,” relates to the idea that we as humans, in many ways, have the power to decide our fate, and the fate of the environment. Due to the intense effects of human activities, our natural world is especially in need of protection and we must choose to conserve it. While viewing this installation, I hope people are reminded of the beauty of the wild, are inspired to get outside and enjoy it, and that we all can work to preserve our air, water, and wild spaces for generations to come.