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L. Kimberly Gillespie

Title: The Between Place

Location: 650 Nicollet Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

In my recent work I’ve been exploring the themes of uncertainty, disease, and collective anxiety.  I am interested in the places that environments collide; where one system appears to intrude on another, but it's unclear if there is invasion or coexistence. Where one viewer may see intrusions, another might see integrations. Some may perceive ambiguity and chaos, while others favor ordered structures, but can these systems survive together?  Many of my themes reflect questions that have arisen in health settings, as I was caring for my mother as she aged with early onset Alzheimer’s, or with my own treatments for breast cancer.  Other influences include the struggle to make sense of a changing climate, questions of species survival, and social strife reflected in increased expressions of xenophobia and racism.


The Between Place is a series of paintings and drawings that further explores the idea of anxiety, both personal and collective, about the future of our world and community. Here space is ambiguous, and it’s uncertain if we are internal or external, looking in or out; are we here or there? Visibility is obscured, which is reflected in my more limited color palette. Non-specific patterns and shapes collide with recognizable imagery to portray anything from mundane interactions to catastrophic events. I invoke both organic images and geometric patterns from the built environment, leaving the inferences of growth, destruction, development, invasion, infestation and hope to the viewers’ perspective.