Plan Your Experience

Krista Beier

Title: Causational Germination

Location: 930 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

I remember watching a nature show in morbid fascination as I learned of the festive little garbage nests built by the Black Kite bird. They adorn their nests with litter; a colorful array of plastic bags, wrappers, and whatever else they can find. Resourceful, creative, adaptable, and heartbreaking.

Years later, the same ache as I walked through the streets of Cairo watching all the kids and goats happily playing on mountains of trash.

Just a couple months ago I walked out across the frozen expanse of Powderhorn Park lake. I tried to ignore the ache brought on by the fact that every couple of feet I could see trash frozen to the ground, and that the trees had plastic bags tangled in their branches like sad, bedraggled leaves.

As a society we're all conveniently ignoring so we can enjoy our walk. We live in a world of consumption, one that leaves a trail of trash in its wake. The average person throws away more than 5lbs of trash every day. In America alone this adds up to between 250 and 400 million tons of garbage every year. In the Pacific Ocean there's a "plastic island" twice the size of Texas that was created by dumping waste into the ocean.

Is this what we want for our future? Do we continue to close our eyes? For Causational Germination I collected trash from areas of Minneapolis I frequent such as Powderhorn Park and the river. I used the garbage to construct trees made of trash. Through this work I challenged myself to imagine our world on its current crash course. I invite you to challenge yourself too. I want us all to consider what our own trash trail looks like, what our own environmental impact is. I want each of us to consider our future as we craft it.