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Jessiena Lake

Title: Unbreakable

Location: 730 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

Jessiena Lake is a photographer of many moments, based in Minneapolis. Capturing moments and sharing stories, that need to be told, whether they are distressing or whimsical, is what drives each click of the shutter.


Unbreakable 2017

These are the faces of those who have experienced sexual assault and harassment, an epidemic prevalent every day in our society. Photography provides a face to this societal problem, that is typically viewed as a mere statistic. 

Participants for this project were organized by Molly Burns-Hansen and Feminist Organizing Change, a student group of Minneapolis Community and Technical College focused on achieving gender equality.


Unbreakable, created in 2015 by Esther Callahan in collaboration with Timothy Baer, is an evolving annual photography project continued by Feminists Organizing Change.