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Jane Nicolo

Title: Moving Toward Hope

Location: 930 Hennepin Ave

On display until: September 8, 2017

As adults, parents, and stewards of the earth, it is difficult to imagine the concept of future without considering its relationship to children. What state will our earth be in when the children of today are grown?

The work I created for Made Here: Future stems from my own experience with motherhood, the love I have for my own children, and my connection to the natural world. We live in a beautiful and fragile place. Like many, I am fueled with passion and concern for our environment–the quality of our air, the purity of our water, and for all of the living creatures we share this world with. We have a tremendous responsibility to leave the earth in the best possible condition so that someday we may hand the reins over to our children, without leaving them with problems that are insurmountable.

Remaining positive during volatile times is a challenge. For our children’s sake, it is imperative to move past the negativity. In speaking with my children on this topic, I often find myself having to summon hope. Armed with knowledge and hope, it is possible to create solutions to repair environmental harm, while being mindful of the influences and factors that are detrimental to preserving the beauty and safety of our natural world–so that history does not repeat itself.

The inspiration for my showcase is hope. It features a set of paintings that demonstrate this concept. The figures (children) are moving toward a central point­–hope–while the background (the negativity that is left behind) remains somewhat obscured. This is my first attempt, as both a portrait artist and an abstract artist, to marry two different approaches I utilize in creating art.

A little about me: I am a fine artist whose career began as a graphic designer. I live and work in the Twin Cities metro area, but my artwork’s reach is beyond the state of Minnesota. I enjoy experimenting in a variety of styles and media. Since my primary focus is commissioned work, I have not had many opportunities to work on art that has personal meaning–which makes me very excited to have been chosen as a Made Here artist and to create the work for my showcase.