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Heather Tietz

Title: Concentric Time

Location: 615 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

I explore multiples and minimalistic forms that contain a narrative, a personal story. I enjoy playing with nuances in scale and shape in the repetition of my work to create a new language of objects. The concentric circular forms in the installation are open to interpretation, individually and as a collective. They could serve as mini portals into time and invite you to apply your own meaning to the objects. The metaphors and stories that we carry add richness to our lives, and I am interested in the varying associations that come from observing the forms. The concentric circular forms also reference cycles, layers and radiating energy – qualities inherent in our environment and in us. When looking through the voids of the centers, across the undulating forms, and spaces in between – how do you see your future unfolding?