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Heather M. Cole

Title: Peak Stuff

Location: 80 S 8th St (IDS Center)

On display until: September 8, 2017

I am interested in the transformation of things - both the concept of changing or having a new purpose and the physical change from one thing to another. 

My work revolves around the transformation of common, everyday objects and materials into art that prompts and hopefully, inspires the viewer to look at these objects in a new way.

When I make my work, I think about the life cycle of the original object as I am working with it - collecting the discarded object and contemplating its original, intended purpose.
Then processing (cleaning, cutting, manipulating) it into material to make a piece. 
And assembling and displaying the final work – what it says as an artwork and how it looks. Whether it reflects or relates back to the original source object… or not and whether I want it to…or not.

I also visualize the larger story of the object being a waste material moving through the world with multiple paths, some potentially very destructive to our own existence.

My hope in creating and exhibiting this work is to cause the viewer to consider personal actions and choices that either create or reduce larger impacts in their own lives as well as on the larger environment as a whole.