Plan Your Experience

Gaia Democratic School Students

Title: Gaiatopia

Location: 930 Hennepin Ave

On display until: September 8, 2017

We are deinvoking The Apocalypse.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
​--Alan Kay​

​4 Windows (from L to R)

1. "Aurora Sky" -collaboration- watercolors on fabric

2. "Future Fungi World" by Kieran- marker and acrylic on canvas
This image shows a future where fungi has taken over but humans still exist. Kieran is 16 years old and enjoys making art with duct tape and permanent markers.

3."Tree of Life" -collaboration- acrylic and glass on canvas-
On the Tree of Life, there are Pathways to create the future we want.


Fresh Air
Sacred Fire
Clean Water
Nurturing Earth and
​hir children​

​Growing Food​

​ and LOVE​!

4. "Moon Over Gaia" by Vaerna and Clementine- acrylic and objects on mannequin, acrylic on canvas, crystals, wire.

Gaia Artists: Clementine, Vaerna, Kieran, Milan, Starri, Riva, Aine, Finn, Leon, Nora, Alex M., Psyion, Raven
Concept Development: all Gaia artists plus: Alex D., Liam, Phoenix, Corbin