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Erin Dorney

Title: Dystopia Erased

Location: 615 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

Erasure poetry is a form of found poetry where words are taken away from an existing text, similar to redaction of classified documents. The words that remain reveal poetry in writing that is not inherently poetic.

The poems displayed here are sourced from four different dystopian novels, with themes including the existence of fact through memory; women’s bodies as political instruments; language as a tool of power; the causes of complacency; environmental and economic crises; racial and ethnic tensions; immigration; institutionalized population control; and perceptions of otherness. Most of these novels can be found at any public library (and if your library does not carry them, ask a librarian to add them to the collection—librarians love that).

Words are powerful tools that can help us cope, resist, and thrive in our society. “Dystopia Erased” is an exploration into discovering new meaning and a reminder to moving forward, no matter how dark the future may seem.