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Emily Eaton

Title: I Create My Future

Location: 40 South 7th Street

On display until: September 8, 2017

Emily Eaton is a mixed-media artist inspired by the intersection of fiber art, ceramics, and photography. A BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art + Design provided her with a solid foundation of design theory and art appreciation; creative curiosity motivates her to bring visions to life.

In this showcase, she leverages the integrity of natural fiber, the heft of clay, and the unlimited potential of digital photography to illustrate one of her core beliefs: we create our own future.

In I Create My Future, the three panels represent different filters through which our lives can unfold: negative, neutral, or positive. Each panel features a variation of a sunset embellished with braided fiber ropes and ceramic pieces, representing potential options for the future.

We’re all riding off into the sunset of our future… it’s up to us to create it for ourselves. Will it be dark/negative, muted/neutral, or bright/positive?


INSTAGRAM: @emilyeatonart

Commission inquiries welcome.