Plan Your Experience

Dale Dahlberg

Title: Hope is a Four-Letter Word

Location: 930 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

We can live in fear of what the future will bring, or look forward to it with hope for better things. It can be difficult to recognize but, even in dark times, there is always hope. What’s more, hope can lead us back out of the darkness.

The word HOPE is encoded in each of my paintings. Beginning in stark black and white, the colors in each painting get brighter as they progress through this series. Impossible to know, like the future, the circle represents the new moon, chaos, endless potential, an empty vessel waiting to be filled. The square provides structure to this unfocused potential, turning it into a creative force. Overlaid on top are vertical lines, the carrier frequency, transmitting a coded message of hope.

These paintings are for sale.  Please contact me at for details.
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