Plan Your Experience

Carolyn Runck

Title: Futurescapes

Location: 924 Hennepin Avenue (A.R.T. Gallery)

On display until: September 8, 2017

My work explores the connections and tensions between place, language, and belonging. In these collages, I combined different images of real places on earth to create landscapes of the future. Although in theory all the elements of landscape are present – foreground, middle ground, and background - our eyes can detect the slightest dreamlike, fictional quality due to the collage aspect of the pieces. They are images of a future landscape that could be but is not for sure. Maybe they are landscapes of what the earth will look like one day, or perhaps they are landscapes of other planets and other worlds. It is impossible to tell if these future landscapes were formed through cataclysmic or serendipitous events. They predict neither a glorious nor a doomed future. Whether or not humans are present can only be speculated.