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Brighton McCormick

Title: Women's Work

Location: 615 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

I grew up just outside Minneapolis in a blue collar family of builders and makers. There were moments of joy, but many of uncertainty. As a teenager I faced homelessness, so when I entered college I thought making money would be the key to happiness. One business degree and 6 years of cooperate recruiting later, I found myself living in Manhattan and hating my job. I saw myself treating people as commodities, finding no fulfillment in my lifestyle. It became impossible to identify with the stereotypical American dream I had been chasing. Needing a drastic change, I left head hunting to pursue art making. I went on to complete my BFA in Sculpture at the University of Minnesota.

Fueled by dissatisfaction and disappointment, I began making work centered on understanding the formation of identities, belief systems, and societal constructs. My interdisciplinary practice incorporates metal casting, large scale installation, performance, and process based projects. At the root of my investigation I am exploring how perception, personalities, development of human and social identities, and belief systems distort histories and understanding of our present. In transforming rudimentary materials through experimental processes, my work attempts to make humble objects and byproducts of process into art objects. This attempt reflects my desire to encourage the viewer to question the authority of what they believe as fact and how they perceive value. My work takes several forms such as, creating the experience of an aftermath, confronting the viewer with a scene depicting an unknown event, the exhibition of past unknowns through pseudo archiving, cataloging or other indexical languages, and labor based performance.

Art making allows me to indulge in researching any topic and gives reason to obtain new skills, no matter how obscure. The repetitive nature of practice and process has become a medium of my work. Recently I have been exploring how labor affects perspective, and how manual work is perceived by our cubical culture.. In September I plan to leave South Minneapolis to attend Graduate School at the University of Washington. I will be a candidate in the 3D4M program with a focus on sculpture. More of my work can be seen locally at Franconia Sculpture Park and online at