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Brenda Ryan

Title: NEXT

Location: 80 South 8th Street

On display until: September 8, 2017

“Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall.
 He will end by destroying the earth.”          

 Albert Schweitzer

Much of my work examines the overconsumption and waste of resources as a way to illustrate human dominance over the natural world which has led to negative global consequences. One example is clear cutting of old growth forests and rainforests. These behaviors contribute to imbalances in nature such as loss of wildlife habitats, global warming.  The detrimental effects  are occurring now and will continue into the future unless humans become more aware and make efforts to change behaviors to offset the negative consequences. These subjects convey my concerns and interest in our natural world. Some of the my work which illustrates these concerns are ceramic replications of old leather boots and purses, reused paper bags, and a recent installation showing clear cutting of trees.

In terms of materials, I use a variety of methods, including paper clay, adobe (unfired clay, cellulose, adhesive), and earthenware clay. Adobe is a material which requires no firing yet remain strong. Other materials are fired at lower temperatures to use less energy. I frequently use terra sigillatas and oxide stains to provide finishes that imply age and wear.