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Asia Ward

Title: Sky Worm

Location: 650 Nicollet Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

The Future

In the future there will be a sun tax. 


The Present

Currently the rain water is owned by the city, there are sun rights in building zones, and corporations can own air and ground rights. The Earth gets almost all of it's energy from the sun. Humans require energy to survive, and fight and trade for energy sources like coal, oil, and gas. 


Sky Worm

This exhibit of an early model of a Sky Worm is smaller in size then the current employed devices. Sky Worms are floating automated devices that control the quality of light from the sun. Using dichroic film, Sky Worm amplifies or blocks specific colors on the light spectrum. Altering the spectrum changes how we see color. It makes plants grow faster, solar panels more efficient, and temperatures shift. Controlling the spectrum can be used to help or to regulate. Sky Worms are there to insure that the sun as a resource can be taxed, traded, and moderated for the good of all Earth creatures.

Materials: Plastic sheet (donated by Choice Plastics), rivets, neon flex lights, paint, wire


Asia Ward

Co-director, REcharge Labs, LLC
Creatively exploring wind and solar power in the classroom and beyond
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Sculpture Artist
Interdisciplinary sculpture artist working with technology and science, producing temporary or permanent public art displays or events.
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