Plan Your Experience

Andy Baird

Title: Future MN (floating on another planet in a crystal ball)

Location: 930 Hennepin Ave

On display until: September 8, 2017

Looking to the future, I reflect those beautiful persons who, in many ways, schooled me in visual art. If I could begin again I could do better. You know I was never not much good as an artist. If you think you saw me sneak eat dirt then spit mud on the wall, that wasn’t me. I’m just a lucky privileged painter. For this second story job I’ve made a playful color improvisation. It was painted for you six one two. I clapped these patchwork variations together using some circles, squares and a few regionally recognizable irregular shapes. The resulting composition makes a syncopated pattern to my eye and I hope my painting is not seen as bogus because, after all, life is short and art is long. But I’d like to know… is it good to you?