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Andersen Windows

Title: THIRD EYE WINDOW: The Future Home, As Seen From the Year 2000

Location: 730 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: September 8, 2017

The bursting of the “.com bubble” in the late ‘90’s shocked Wall Street. It was right to invest in companies developing the future technological revolution, but only if you picked the companies focused on “the right future”. How can anyone know what future will really happen?

The “home” has always been a domain for forward thinking. In the early 1900’s, “electricity” enabled new, radically disruptive, home appliances to change domestic life. The Atomic Age envisioned the automated, science fiction world in the 50’s. Futurists in the 80’s saw “cocooning”, where the home insulated us from the danger outside. By the late ‘90’s, it was clear that High Tech advancements were the future, and companies like Andersen Windows needed to determine the “window of their future”.

Using a Trend Research Methodology to evaluate Current Technologies, Lifestyle/Behavior, Environmental Context, and the thoughts from Opinion Leaders, Andersen’s High-Tech Knowledge Basket was identified and leveraged into future prototype scenarios. Many ideas from this period are now common features in our integrated security sensors and “Smart Home” automation products.

This presentation shows a view of the future from November of 2000. Little Bobby has some kind of communication device in his pocket and a “window” in his house doubles as a type of monitor for Bobby’s parents to watch him and the surroundings. The window sill re-charges Bobby’s electronic device when he comes inside.

This Andersen construct from nearly 20 years ago is most satisfying. It had many right ideas in nearly the right combination, but the dominant technology was just slightly out of grasp. Everything changed just seven years later with Steve Jobs introduction of the iPhone on January 9, 2007.