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Allen Killan-Moore

Title: Permanent State of Exception

Location: 615 Hennepin Ave S (City Center

On display until: August 31, 2017

Permanent State of Exception is an installation film, offering a cinematic meditation on tomorrow, and on the negative impacts of an unhindered free-market as they plays out across our collective environmental or social landscape. It was shot on Super 8mm film stock, capturing images of the present on a medium from the past, in order to evoke a possible future.

The title comes from philosopher Giorgio Agamben, who has noted that in times of strife, the powers-that-be may make an exception to commonly agreed upon ethics. As in the case of martial law, those in power may take away basic human rights.

According to Agamben’s analysis, modern societies, with corporations embedded in the political process, are in a seemingly permanent state of exception, where violations of human dignity are officially sanctioned. Such a state of exception to an ethical order has profound ecological and economic implications, which are explored poetically in this installation film.