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Nick Knutson, Ben Severns + Nick Smith

Title: Construct///Obstruct

Location: 730 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: April 1, 2018

This city has been littered in orange and white stripes, dust, dirt and noise. For the past year we have all been under preparation for a game. The energy it takes to put on this show is never seen on a national stage, showing this energy is the visual goal of Construct///Obstruct.

An amalgamation of lights, projections and geometric obstructions make up this body of work. The brightness and pulse of the spotlights are meant to directly reference the construction hazards, and at the same time the spectacle of a stadium. Orange stripes envelop the borders of space in the installation, calling to order between hazard and havoc. A video projected on a replica of “The People’s Stadium” frames imagery of stressed congestion and frantic reprise.

I have been drawn to more primary geometric shapes in sculpture, similar to the facade design of the us bank stadium. Against popular opinion, I somewhat admire the architecture of the stadium. With its scale and shape, the stadium brings its own unique voice to the Minneapolis skyline.