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Global Rights for Women: Marissa Murdy + Sarah White

Title: The Global Pandemic of Domestic Violence

Location: 730 Hennepin Avenue

On display until: April 1, 2018

Marissa Murdy

I am a fine art photographer, world traveler and women’s rights activist. I have always been curious about vulnerability, relationships and what happens behind closed doors, which is where my photography has stemmed from. My goals as an artist are to help end violence against women locally and internationally and express women’s experiences through art.

My interest in photographing survivors of domestic abuse came from my recent project “Our Experiences: Surviving Sexual Assault.” For this project I worked with Global Rights for Women & local shelters to photograph survivors of domestic abuse in Minnesota and Romania. As courageous and difficult it is to leave their abuser, it is important to understand the harsh reality these women face everyday. Whether it’s living in constant fear, escaping their abuser, raising children as a single mother, experiencing injustice in the legal system or having to relocate and start over, each survivor has their own story. My hope is that sharing these strong and beautiful women’s experiences allows other survivors to feel they are not alone.

Sarah White (Fotos For Barcelona)

My personal art journey and life path have crossed into part of my life’s purpose. I make art to heal from trauma both individually and collectively, and to tell stories that need to be heard. To remind us we are human. Remind us of the many ways we are all the same...

My passion with photography runs deep into the intimate experience and honor of the connection that it builds with my muse, and the eyes that experience it. With my lens, I can find beauty in everyone. I stay vulnerable throughout the whole process, there to learn as much as uplift any story that needs to be heard.

As a fine artist, activist, mother, Black Woman, songstress and healer — this project is very important to me. Too often, Domestic Abuse is normalized in our society, and survivors voices are silenced.

I am in awe of these brave spirits, their beautiful courage and the POWER of being SEEN.

Global Rights for Women collaborates with partners around the world to promote women’s human rights to equality and freedom from violence through legal reform and systems change.