Brian Hart: the Man Behind the Logos

By: Made Here

The open call for Future: Made Here has officially launched! Everything necessary for the open call has been put into place; the website has been updated, the social media has been planned, the theme has been approved, etc. We are now approaching the seventh official run of Made Here, and we’ve finally found the ‘sweet spot’ to keeping Made Here running smoothly.

One of the Made Here tasks at the beginning of each run is to create a logo for the theme. Half of these special logos are the work of Made Here panelist, Brian Hart (The first Made Here run summer 2014 did not have a logo). Brian first stepped in to design the logo for Brilliance! Made Here, winter 2014-2015. 

Brilliance! Made Here, Winter 2014-2015

Brilliance! Made Here, winter 2014-2015.

Brian Hart is an artist through and through. His “light drawing” was featured on MN Original back in February 2014, and his episode was recognized with a 2014 Upper Midwest Regional® Emmy Award in the Arts/Entertainment – Single Story category.

Watch his feature here.

 Made Here, Winter 2015-2016.

Spirit: Made Here, winter 2015-2016.

When we asked Brian to design the Future logo, we had no idea the story behind the art would be so incredibly thoughtful and complex. After a round of edits, we suggested to Brian that the coloring have a metallic look to the finish. The logo below is Brian’s interpretation of this request.

 Made Here, Summer 2017

Future: Made Here, spring/summer 2017

Here is some insight into the creative process Brian went through to achieve the final look and feel of the Future logo:

“I was keenly focused on making the design relatable to a wide audience with myriad backgrounds and life experiences, while at the same time making sure I wasn’t embedding any biased personal views I had of the future. Regardless of how any one individual feels about the future, there is one thing that is fairly certain: the future is unknown. It can be hard to not be cynical regarding the future with so many terrible things happening in the world, but believing that the future is hopeless and we are incapable of affecting change can be debilitating. That tumult is referenced in the off-kilter positioning of the letters; the uncertainty we may feel about our individual or collective futures. More than just offsetting the letters, I felt the design needed to speak to the future’s malleability and how all of us as individuals can and should make every effort to actively build the future we desire.”

Brian has also participated in Made Here as an artist.

"Echo" installation, part of Brilliance! Made Here (a collaboration with George Wurtzel).

"I gave the letters both a mirror-like finish and a visible external framework in an effort to remind the viewer that they have agency in this world and if we want the future to be a certain way, our direct action and participation is required to build the foundations for those changes. Finally, in order to have the letters’ surfaces read as mirrors, they would need to be reflecting something. I ended up landing on a colorful and slightly blurred sunrise / sunset, as photographs of these can often be indiscernible from one another. Much like an inkblot test, the viewer will read it as either a sunrise or a sunset, depending on their particular point of view.”

See what Brian Hart is up to on Instagram (spoiler alert – it’s always something mind-blowingly cool):


Inspired by Brian’s logo and the theme for this round of Made Here?

Learn more about applying for Future: Made Here :

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